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Fitting, Care and Maintenance Instructions for Sanitary Fittings
& Bathroom Accessories



Since last 8 years, Master Sanitary Fittings have established an after sale services department in all over the country to facilitate its clients and to maintain its product’s best performance. The qualified staff of this department is always ready to serve the clients on their door step.

Our clients confidence in our products was, is and will always be our first and foremost goal.


  1. Providing the technical information of product
  2. Immediate facility of after sales service
  3. Courses for technical staff



The delicacy of gold/chrome/ satin plated or youthful colors calls for soft handling white fitting these products.

Fitting must be the last things in the process of construction or renovation of any bathroom. When all construction, civil and other plumbing works have been completed, all water points must be opened to run the water with pressure through pipes for at least six hours. This will ensure removal and clearance of any dirt or iron particle (leftovers of threading inside the pipe) deposits. Presence of such deposits not only is harmful to your health but also damages the performance of sanitary fittings.


  1. Before unpacking, Be careful about cleanliness of bathroom.
  2. Once unpacked, the fittings should be gently placed on a soft cloth. Do not drag them on a hard or rough surface.
  3. Placing a soft cloth in a screw wrench, the fittings may gently be tightened in place without exerting extra pressure.
  4. Use of pipe wrench and patch tighter is not recommended.


  1. After fitting, the product should be washed by applying diluted solution of shampoo/ washing powder with a soft and clean cloth.
  2. After cleaning, the fittings should be washed with clear water and immediately dried with soft cloth.
  3. If product is not in immediate use, keep the product safe by wrapping it into a polyethylene bag after a light application of car polish.


  1. Clean your water storage tank at-least once in a month.
  2. Install water filter on main line of water in order to get maximum results.
  3. Always apply a diluted solution of shampoo, washing powder or quality toilet soap and water with a soft cloth for cleaning the fittings.
  4. SILVO may also be applied with a soft cloth for removal of dirt deposits.
  5. After cleaning, the fittings should be washed with clear water and immediately dried with soft cloth.
  6. A light application of car polish will keep the fittings shining clean for another eight to ten days.
  7. Use of usual media of cleaning like acid dilution or acid based products I.e. Harpic power, Harpic Jet Action, Moon Super Flush, Brite Lotion and Sweep must be avoided. Acids react negatively on the electroplating, resulting in fading or blackening the colors. drain opening and hard scale removing chemicals can erode the beauty of the sanitary fittings, resulting in cracks and reducing the shine and outlook on youthful and plastic. Even the fumes of an acid are sufficient to destroy the finish of such sanitary fittings. While you use acid based diluted solutions for cleaning of ceramic parts, sanitary fittings must be protected by wrapping a polyethylene bag on them.
  8. Please remember that water pressure required for effective performance of level and quarter turn series is minimum 10 pound and maximum 90Psi.
  9. To lighten the water and products foaming, all Master mixers are equipped with a very fine set of filters. Even the smallest dirt particles can gradually choke them. Filter must be cleaned at least two to three times a month. The problem can be minimized using Master’s main line water filter, which is available in different mashes.
  10. Toilet shower gauze requires cleaning at frequent intervals. Once you feel that the water pressure in the shower has decreased, open the gauze of the shower and clean it thoroughly with a tooth brush. This will revive the normal pressure of water through the shower.