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The Master Edge

For almost four decades now, Master remains the most trusted name in a diverse range of high-end sanitary fitting solutions. The immense respect the brand commands, is derived from a constant trail of pioneering innovation, highest quality standards, wide range of choices and above all, real value for money.

Starting from production of faucets in early eighties, it was the instant acceptance and trust of the customers that contributed to a never-ending growth and expansion that continues even today.

Today, we are not only the largest producers of our product categories in Pakistan but also the one offering widest range of choices in highly cost effective and immensely creative products.

Constant change management and the quest to remain ahead of the competition, not only at home but also among players all around the globe, results in application of the world’s most advanced and sophisticated technologies. The moving force behind our research and development is to create unique product lines; convenient, reliable and durable in their function and efficient in their cost as well as performance.

As our endeavors towards making living more and more worth living continue, we are thankful to Almighty Allah and take pride in effective role we have been able to play in positively changing the lives and lifestyles of our people.



Master Industries is launched, initially producing high quality sanitary fittings.

Master bathroom accessories are launched in technical collaboration of England and Germany.

Master Tiles starts its journey. Based on Italian technology, Master starts manufacturing and marketing a wide range of wall tiles – a quality product that forces replaces imported items and captures the market like a storm.

Ever-increasing demand necessitates increase in production which has to be tripled. In the same year, Master installs a most modern plant and acquires the recipe for in-house production of tiles raw material including frits and colors.
It doesn’t stop there as the Italians, the world leaders in ceramic industry, start importing our frits and thus the capacity of this plant is also forced to be tripled.

Master Granite storms the market. These tiles are produced using Italian technologies that are yet to be practiced in Italy and the finest raw material found in Pakistan.

Soon after its launch, the products of Master Ballpoint Pen Industries Pvt Ltd start capturing a sizable market share.

Master Poly Plastic Industries (Pvt) Ltd is established, involved in commercial production of world class PPRC pipes and fittings, the first of its kind in Pakistan.

Master Sanitary installs CNC Spindle Machines which increase production and improve quality.

Traditional Manual Mould casting process is replaced by state-of-the art Automatic Mould casting CNC machines which confirm 99 per cent production success.

In-house Plastic Chrome unit increases quality and precision. High-quality Chrome Chemicals imported from Germany.

New Press Shop is created and Laser Printing introduced.

It’s a year of revolution as latest Lathe Machines are introduced from China which will increase accuracy and perfection of Master Faucet.
New Master Sanitary Plant with latest and advanced technology is under construction with following advancements:
a) 50 per cent increase in production and quality
b) Automated units and processes